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Pharmaceutical Drugs are 62,000 Times More Likely to Kill You than Supplements

Maybe you've seen a headline in the news - or your own doctor has warned you about taking one or more supplements... Are they really unsafe? This new study uncovers the true potential for harm...

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CoQ10 — The No. 1 Supplement Recommended by Cardiologists

20 Nov 2017 | 161,108 Views

Doctors are finally aware of its importance for heart health, but that's not all. It helps protect your mitochondrial membranes from oxidative damage, and has been shown to help a number of health conditions and chronic diseases. With users in this country now at 24 million, have you discovered it yet?

Consumer Reports Joins Pharma Campaign Against Dietary Supplements

09 Aug 2016 | 263,070 Views

Never mind that their focus should be on this option that kills at least 106,000 Americans yearly. Instead they're targeting something that's NEVER killed a single soul since the 1940s. Why they're doing it, and if not stopped, how it could jeopardize your freedom to choose what's best for you.

Supplements Proven Beneficial for Your Mental Health

02 Jun 2016 | 339,496 Views

Research shows how this mistake can damage your brain - permanently! And may turn a brief matter into a lifetime affliction. If you're making this mistake, you're likely also working yourself into a suicidal frenzy. That's sad, because this "boringly safe" solution will energize your brain.

Multivitamins Found to Be Linked to Heart Health

09 Mar 2015 | 87,210 Views

Women may significantly lower their risk of dying from heart disease by taking this type of multivitamin supplement.

Spirulina: A Luxury Health Food and a Possible Panacea for Malnutrition

29 Sep 2014 | 197,580 Views

Spirulina is valued as a nutritional supplement in the US and a solution for malnutrition in other parts of the world.

New Analysis Claims Vitamin D Supplements Are Useless -- Here’s Why It’s Wrong

17 Feb 2014 | 369,114 Views

Recent news headlines have blasted vitamin D supplements, claiming they may actually harm you and they may put you at an increased risk of hip fracture. And they won't help prevent cancer, stroke, or heart disease. Should you stop taking them now?

The Dr. Oz Show: Information I Couldn’t Share

06 Feb 2014 | 371,457 Views

Learn what I had to say regarding the controversy surrounding multivitamins.

Micronutrient Supplements Reduce Risk of HIV Disease Progression and Illness

09 Dec 2013 | 143,068 Views

New research demonstrates how nutritional therapy can be effective in treating HIV without drugs.

The Ugly Side of Statins: Systemic Appraisal of the Contemporary Unknown Unknowns

09 Oct 2013 | 314,270 Views

Are you taking a statin? Then this is a must-read, as a review of the major statin research casts serious doubts about their efficacy and safety, especially for your eyes.

Attacks on Health Reporters and Their Readers Are Escalating

18 Sep 2013 | 275,139 Views

I've been added to a watch list of "influential influencers" simply because I'm not afraid to expose Big Pharma's deception. What may be more disturbing, though, is who's behind the tracking and attacks. Be aware of their dirty tactics...


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